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Ready to go or custom made? Everything is possible.

What do we do?

Oefenweb.nl produces training-tracking systems for both practicing and monitoring of abilities. We develop multi-platform online applications for everyone. Interested in an adaptive learning tool for math, language skills, statistics or touch typing? Take a look at our products page. Interested in your own customised learning tool or the use of our innovative adaptive technology in your software? Please read on.

Adaptive technology

The e-learning systems of Oefenweb use a new methodology for combining computerised adaptive practice and monitoring, developed at the University of Amsterdam. This self-organising system is driven by advanced psychometric algorithms that allow it to simultaneously track the development of user ability, and to track the development of items in the item bank. All users, whether they are beginners or advanced, always receive items that matched their ability level.

Serious gaming

Our products consist of challenging games, in which both fast and correct responses are rewarded. We can produce games with simple multiple-choice formats, but also games with more complex interfaces, such as open-ended questions and the use of audio clips.

Learning analytics

Oefenweb has become an expert in producing insightful and useful progress reports. Our web applications provide detailed information about the performance of its users:

  • Individual and group performance.
  • Online comparisons to up-to-date reference groups.
  • Developmental trajectories.
  • Insight into strengths, weaknesses, and typical mistakes.

Your own customised learning tool?

Oefenweb can do it all: both frontend and backend, and also the hosting of your learning environment. The new technology of Oefenweb enables the efficient development of adaptive learning tools in all educational domains. You can also use our adaptive technology in your own software. Contact us for the possibilities.