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Fully adaptive thanks to unique technology

Extra practise material in addition to your teaching method enriches and deepens the understanding and ensures that the material is retained better. Especially if the practise material is adjusted to the level of the student. Practising at your own level is more fun and leads to more practise sessions. That is why our exercise programmes are fully adaptive.

Our adaptive system has been developed by a team of top scientists at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). Without the need to adjust the settings, the system automatically adjusts the level of the exercises after each answer. There is no need to run through the entire game session first. Instead, there is a direct response to change.

Measuring to enable fully-adaptive exercises

As soon as a student completes an item, the system measures the student’s skill level. The subsequent exercise is selected based on the performance in the previous exercise. The result is that is that every child is automatically assigned exercises at the right level.

Immediate response to change

The advantage of this technique is that the system measures continuously and, unlike many other adaptive programs, responds to change directly. This way the level of the assignments is continuously adjusted. It is also possible that a pupil’s ability level varies between games.

Insight without tests

Our programmes are perfectly tailored to the qualities of each child and therefore create the ideal learning conditions. Moreover, teachers have continuous insight into the pupil’s progress, and therefore there is no need for tests throughout. As progress-monitoring systems, Math Garden, Taalzee and Words&Birds offer teachers additional information about their students, in addition to the standard method tests and the progress-monitoring tests.

Easily usable in combination with any teaching method

Whether you are looking for extra practise material for a specific group or an entire class, Prowise Learn can be used alongside any teaching method. This way, your students enjoy practising math, language and English at school and at home. Working with Prowise Learn does not require a start-up course; it is self-explanatory.