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Matematikhaven is the danish version of the successful dutch learning environment Rekentuin, which can be used to train and track math skills. In Matematikhaven, each math operation is represented by a different game plant that grows as math ability improves. Children must maintain their garden, because if they do not play in it regularly, the plants will wither. In this way, Matematikhaven stimulates users to practice on a weekly basis.

Playful Math in Matematikhaven

Improve math abilities in a motivating and fun way with Matematikhaven. Matematikhaven is a playful online environment for students to practice math at their own level. It is available to families, schools and other educational institutions. Matematikhaven contains a broad range of exercises making it suitable for primary school children from the age of four untill middle school students and even adults.

Monitoring progress and skills

The dashboard of Matematikhaven provides detailed information about the performance of its users:

  • individual and group performance
  • comparison with up-to-date reference groups
  • tracking of improvement in performance over time
  • insight into strengths, trouble spots and typical mistakes

Practising at your own level

Matematikhaven uses an innovative adaptive system that is developed at the University of Amsterdam. This system automatically adjusts the difficulty of math exercises to the ability level of a user. All users, beginners and advanced users, always receive items matched to their ability level. This ensures that Matematikhaven is motivating for users of all ability levels.

Want to try Matematikhaven by yourself?

If you want to try Matematikhaven by yourself, or if you would like more information, please contact us by e-mail: info@oefenweb.nl.