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Call us at: +31 20 89 69 444 Online & adaptive learning tools for schools and families

This is Oefenweb. We develop innovative adaptive e-learning applications.


Oefenweb makes learning fun by providing challenging game environments for both children and adults. Both performance and effort are rewarded.


Because of the innovative adaptive technology of Oefenweb, all users, whether they are beginners or advanced, always receive items matched to their ability level. This makes practising fun and effective.


All answers are registered in an online database and used for real-time detailed progress reports, such as: comparisons to up-to-date reference groups and insight into the developmental trajectories of the users.

& teach.

Our applications provide recommendations for individual and group instruction based on overviews of strengths, weaknesses, and typical mistakes. A link to video instructions is also possible.


We use this technology to optimize education in fields that require a lot of practice, such as, math (Math Garden) and language skills (Taalzee and Words&Birds). We also developed an application for learning touch typing for the company Typetuin.

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