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Adaptive learning programmes for every child

Train math skills with fully adaptive and online exercises in a fun way.

Go to mathsgarden

Improve Dutch language and spelling skills in a playful and online environment.

Go to taalzee

Practising English in an online environment from the age of eight and up.

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Online learning environments for all your pupils

With the learning environment that Prowise Learn offers, pupils from primary school can improve their math and language skills in a fun and encouraging way. With levels ranging from novice to advanced, each pupil is challenged with exercises matched with their own ability level. As a teacher you immediately see which skills and learning goals a student masters and where additional instruction is needed. This is why teachers choose Prowise Learn:

Fully adaptive

Practise material is always automatically at the right level.

Fun & user friendly

Success experience and rewarding for every child.

Insight through dashboard

Insight in the learning process and learning objectives.

Artificial intelligence

Based on a smart adaptive system that has been developed by the University of Amsterdam.

Homework tool

Entirely online. Can be used on both computer and tablet at school and at home.

Prowise Learn

Prowise Learn (formerly World of Education) has been part of Prowise since 2018. Together we make learning more accessible, effective and enjoyable.